a man typing on a laptop in his home in hendersonville north carolina
an oderouse house ant on a plant in north carolina

What Attracts Odorous House Ants To Hendersonville Homes?


One of the most common home-invading ant species in North Carolina is the odorous house ant. These smelly ants are so named for the foul stench that they emanate when crushed. Though these ants aren’t dangerous to humans (like fire ants) or property (like carpenter ants), they’re a nuisance. ... Read More

yard cleaning to avoid pets

Four Fall Pest Prevention Tips For Asheville Property Owners


 Have you ever heard the term “seasonal pest.” It describes insects, rodents, and other creatures that more commonly invade homes during a particular season. As fall comes into full swing here in Asheville, a large number of creatures will be looking for ways to get into your home. ... Read More

hendersonville home protected by pest control

What it Means to Be a Locally-Owned Pest Control Company


Noble Pest Solutions has been serving Hendersonville, North Carolina with effective pest control services for over 15 years. We are a family-owned and operated company with a deep commitment to the community we serve - a community that we’re proud to be a part of.... Read More

a flea biting human skin

How To Keep Fleas Out Of Your Asheville Home


If there were an award for the most annoying household pest, it might go to the flea. Fleas are nuisance pests that can affect your entire household. They’re difficult to get rid of and cause a host of problems for Asheville homeowners.... Read More

mosquito biting on a residences skin

Mini-Guide To Minimizing Mosquitoes In Hendersonville


Although summer isn’t everyone’s favorite season, there’s a lot to love about the hottest months of the year. Long hours of sunlight, days spent poolside, and evening barbecues are just a few of the things to look forward to in summertime. However, if there is one thing about this season that is universally hated, it’s mosquitoes.... Read More


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