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Why Moisture Control For Your Asheville Home Is So Important

July 16, 2020 - Moisture Control

Do your towels feel damp even long after they were last used? Does the structural integrity of your home seem weakened? These could be signs that you have a moisture problem in your home. Wondering what that has to do with pest control? Let us explain.

Too Moist: What’s The Problem?

There are a lot of reasons to control the humidity levels inside your house. High moisture levels can lead to wood damage, even damaging the structural integrity of the building. It can cause paint to peel or bubble up, and it can even lead to rot and mold. Gross, right?

High moisture levels can also attract unwanted pests. You’d be amazed by how many different pests look for moist areas to nest and hide. For example cockroaches, termites, centipedes, millipedes, silverfish, earwigs, carpenter ants, and more.

If your home has too much humidity, these bugs will flock inside and find places to hide inside your walls, your furniture, and other nooks and crannies of the house. Plus, many of them will attract even more pests who will come in as predators looking for food, such as spiders and wasps.

Do You Have A Moisture Problem?

Sometimes a moisture problem is obvious. You may have seen an increase in the number of pests in your home. Or you may notice that the windows are dripping with condensation. Water droplets on windows is a good sign that there is a moisture problem.

Other signs include damp bathrooms that don’t seem to dry out, extra condensation in the kitchen, or cold, damp crawl spaces or attics.

If you have a leak in the roof or a leaking pipe, this could cause water damage and increase the moisture of your home. After repairing a leak, you should inspect the house for damage such as wet wood or moisture in the walls or flooring.

Minimizing Moisture

Is there anything you can do to control the moisture levels besides covering your home in dehumidifiers? Thankfully, the answer is yes.

If you do have a leak, the first step is straightforward. Get the leak fixed! If you aren’t sure what’s causing the moisture problems, check the bathroom and kitchen for possible leaking pipes.

Your moisture problems could also be caused by bad ventilation. It might help to keep doors open inside the house so the air can flow between rooms. You should also install a bathroom exhaust fan to keep air circulation and bring damp air out of the house.

Your heating could also be to blame when it comes to moisture. You may need to replace your heating or air conditioning if the problem persists.

If the moisture is mostly in rooms like the basement, attic, or garage, there are a few options for ventilating or insulating these spaces. In doing so, you should also check for holes or cracks that might be allowing insects to get inside.

Finally, when it comes to preventing pest infestations led by the excess moisture, Noble Pest Solutions is here to help. We can inspect your home to determine what pests are inside and what kind of damage they might cause. We’ll also check for entry points and monitor the moisture in your home to see if that is what’s attracting pests inside. Although moisture doesn’t seem like a problem for pest control professionals, we know that high humidity leads to high infestations, and we want to help you keep pests out of your Asheville home.

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