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What You Should Know If You See Termite Swarmers Around Your Hendersonville Property

March 15, 2021 - Termites

Everyone knows what a termite is. Small, often tan or yellowish in color, and extremely hardworking, the termite abides by a strong hierarchical system where most of a nest’s inhabitants serve as workers to the queen and her queens-to-be. This rulers-in-training are not bred to take over for their own queen, however, but to take flight with their chosen mates each spring to start their own colonies. This phenomenon, the flight of the termite swarmers, marks the beginning of termite season in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

The Devastation Wrought By Termites And Their Swarmers

While termites are a year-round threat, termite season is a huge marker for explosions of termite activity. These pests cause American homeowners alone billions of dollars per year in damages, sometimes resulting in a structure that is unstable to the point of no longer being livable. Even homes not completely ruined are sure to cost the owners a pretty penny, if forced to suffer with termites for years. It all goes back to termite swarmers — the beginning of every new termite season and colony.

How To Prevent Termite Swarmer Infestations On Your Hendersonville Property

The presence of swarmers are often the first sign of a termite infestation, but not always. In due time, the insects will naturally appear from the colonies already in the home. Whether indicative of a preexisting problem or not, swarmers are not a sign one should ignore. Take effort to stop termite swarmers with these quick tips from Noble Pest Solutions:

  • If you want to keep termite swarmers from the outside away from the inside of your Hendersonville property, you need to be careful of any windows left ajar or with torn screens. Don’t leave anything open for swarmers to soar through unnoticed.
  • That goes for chimneys and ventilation shafts too! Any open space without a screen or guard to protect it is up for grabs for termite swarmers.
  • Swarmers are a whole problem in and of themselves, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the potentials ways worker termites can enter your property. Next time you bring fresh firewood indoors, run a thorough check for termite tunnel holes or hollowness. More importantly, never keep spare firewood too near your home's exterior.

Whether you’re trying to make your Hendersonville property less appealing to termite swarmers or attempting to prevent further damage from workers, the most effective forms of termite protection always come at the suggestion of the professionals. If you want specialized treatments for invading termites, your best option lies with the team at Noble Pest Solutions. Call today!

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