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What You Should Know About Ladybug Control In Hendersonville, NC

October 15, 2021 - Occasional Invaders

While some people get really freaked out by ladybugs (a rare phobia called coccinellidaephobia), most of us don’t feel very threatened by them. Truth be told, ladybugs aren’t one of the worst pests you can get in your home. They’re not venomous. They can bite, but it’s not painful and rarely breaks the skin. They don’t really spread disease. And they’re actually good for the local ecosystem, as well as your garden. Ladybugs are predators that keep a variety of different plant-destroying insects away from your prize tomatoes. However, even with all their benefits, you still want to protect your Hendersonville, NC house full of thousands of these tiny insects. Let’s talk about them.

Ladies In Red

Ladybugs are one of our area’s prettiest beetles. They go by many names, including ladybird beetles, lady beetles, and ladybirds. Ladybugs are small, shiny, and round in shape. The most famous and common ladybug look is a bright red set of wings with black polka dots all over. However, ladybugs can come in a variety of colors and patterns. They could be orange, grey, yellow, pink, black, and even blue. In addition to polka dots, they may also have striped patterns, large spots, and even solid wings. The possibilities are endless!

As we said above, ladybugs are beneficial to your property. They love to eat pest insects, and they’re famous for their voracious appetite for aphids. A single ladybug can eat up to 60 aphids per day. They also love leaf hoppers, mites, mealy bugs, and any small, soft-bodied insect they can overpower and consume. For this reason, farmers and gardeners often introduce ladybugs into their crops to protect their produce. Along with spiders, ladybugs are one of the best natural pest repellents for your yard.

Invasion Of The Ladybugs

Ladybugs are great when they stay outside. The problem arises when they decide they like the inside better. The occasional ladybug crawling across your counter is not really a huge concern, but the issue is ladybugs sometimes invade by the thousands. A lot of times, ladybugs are attracted to your home’s warmth. If there’s a cold snap in the spring or fall while they’re still active, they may invade your home in droves to escape the cold. 

Ladybugs may also decide your home is a good overwintering spot. This is where things get really dicey. Ladybugs hibernate through the winter. In nature, they’ll seek out warm, sheltered spots like cracks in rocks, hollow logs, and anywhere else that will keep them dry. However, your home is a lot more attractive than a stinky, old hollow log in the suburbs. In the spring, the ladybugs that spent the winter in your house can become trapped. They may also decide your home is a good nesting spot and lay thousands of eggs. Worst of all, the pheromones they excrete when they find a suitable hiding spot attract future generations for years to come. 

What To Do About Lady Bugs 

Unfortunately, these pests are a tough bunch to eradicate. They’re attracted to lighter-colored houses with southwestern sun exposure. If your house fits that description, there’s not much you can do about it. Painting your home is pretty drastic. While you can maintain exclusion best practices – like making sure your home has well-fitted windows and doors and no cracks or holes to provide access – there’s not much else you can do to deter them. It’s not like you can shut off your heat all winter. The good news is you do have somewhere to turn. Here at Noble Pest Solutions, we’re committed to providing top-notch pest control service to Western North Carolina. Give us a call at (828) 358-2388, or visit our contact page today to get started on a home pest control plan and get rid of your pesky ladybug problem. 

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