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The Trick To Getting Rid Of Fleas In Your Hendersonville Home

August 15, 2022 - Fleas

Getting rid of fleas is typically a high priority for Hendersonville pest control DIYers during the summer months. It’s easy to wind up with fleas in North Carolina because our warm, humid summers provide ideal conditions to breed with few to no limitations. And winding up with a flea problem isn’t just for pet owners. Even if you don’t have pets, you can still get fleas.

What Are Fleas?

Fleas are pretty interesting insects if they’re not infesting your property. These external parasites can build whole societies on their hosts, passing multiple generations in the fur or feathers of the same animal. They are also the most acrobatic of any species on the planet, able to leap horizontally over 200 times their body length in a single bound. If humans could jump like that, we could leap over four football fields in just one jump. 

The Diseases Fleas Are Known To Spread

Once upon a time, fleas were among the primary vectors for the deadliest plagues on Earth. They spread the Black Plague, which killed up to a third of Europe’s population during the Middle Ages. Now that the bacteria that caused the Plague can be wiped out with a round or two of antibiotics, fleas pose a smaller threat. They can still spread Plague, but it’s rare and treatable. Tularemia, cat scratch fever, and typhus are other diseases fleas spread to humans. 

A much more serious danger posed by fleas is to your pets. Deadly feline leukemia can spread to your cats through fleas. Fleas can also give your cats and dogs tapeworms, anemia, and dermatitis. Allergies to flea bites are also common in pets. While not deadly, they can still make your pets miserable. 

Five No-Sweat Tips To Prevent Fleas In Your Home

Keeping fleas out of your home doesn’t have to be a huge hassle. If you take a few precautions, you can keep infestations away all summer long. To deter fleas:

  • Talk to your vet about appropriate flea prophylactics to keep your pets from bringing fleas home from outside. 
  • Take measures to exclude wildlife from your home and yard. This can include covering outdoor garbage and sealing holes wildlife could use to get in.
  • Keep grass and bushes trimmed short to reduce flea hiding spots. 
  • Vacuum frequently to suck up stray fleas that might happen into your home. 
  • Plant flea repelling herbs and flowers like chamomile, lavender, rosemary, and fleawort.

Remember, the best thing you can do about fleas is not to get an infestation in the first place. It’s a lot easier to take preventative measures to keep fleas away than to get rid of them after the fact. Fleas don’t just breed on your pets. They can shop in your bushes, grass, and furniture, hopping on for a quick bite when you come close and hopping off when they’re done. That means they can become endemic on your property – pets or no pets. 

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Fleas In Your Home

Don’t bother with D.I.Y. products like flea foggers or flea dust when you need to get rid of fleas. These products are almost always ineffective and can be dangerous to people, especially pets. So for the safest and most effective flea control in town, call us here at Noble Pest Solutions. We can get rid of any size flea infestation, no matter how endemic, and help you ensure it never comes back. So click or call today!

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