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The Best Way To Prepare For Termite Season In Hendersonville

March 15, 2022 - Wood-Destroying Insects

Many things can make battling pests hard. One is if they multiply quickly, and another is when they aren’t in the open. Both apply to several critters that ruin wood, such as termites. You might not see them because they’ll be wiggling down in soil or sitting inside a wall. What you will notice, though, is evidence of termite damage. 

The American people exhaust $5 billion each year on termite treatments and rebound services, with no help from insurance companies. Given how quickly these insects can devastate, it’s urgent that you understand the signs of termites inside your house or establishment. You have to prepare for the season. Noble Pest Solutions can aid you with professional pest control in Hendersonville. 

When Does Termite Season Begin? 

The frightening thing is that termites hold a steady presence throughout the year. There are enough species where at least one will be busy. 

What Are Swarmers? 

Swarmers are the reproductive core of a termite colony on your Hendersonville property. These bugs will catch your attention because they fly out of nests to mate. When you get a glimpse of them, it’ll probably be near a fixture or window-light sources that excite them. They’re brown, black, or yellow and ½ of an inch long. Other active termites won’t surface, which means swarmers mark an infestation. Workers have the task of taking wood apart; most in this region are white or grayish-white and are 0.12 of an inch long. Soldiers fight off threats with their gargantuan mandibles. These yellow-brown termites also have rectangular heads.

Besides the arrival of swarmers, signs of termites inside your house or business are:

  • Finding the discarded wings of swarmers
  • Discovering masses of fecal frass by termite holes, maze patterns, and mud tubes
  • Hollow sounding foundations
  • Hearing soft noises from behind walls
  • Paint that is blown up or stripping 
  • Drywall that’s becoming discolored or slumping 
  • Tiles coming apart and floorboards squeaking  
  • Window frames and doors that are tight-fitting

How Do Termites Invade Homes?

Two main ways active termites infest properties are through wood on the ground and cracks in structures. People may inadvertently bring vulnerable pieces indoors or put up a building with infested portions. Floors, walls, and bases won’t be as reliable as they should be. If they cave in, someone or something could be harmed. While termites don’t pass diseases around, they have a reputation for stirring up allergies. Believe it or not, termites impairing wood is constructive for the environment. It issues nutrients into the soil for plants and trees to blossom fully. These pests can also nourish humans by consuming them as a delicacy.

Termite Prevention Tips

You won’t be able to preclude evidence of termite damage with do-it-yourself (DIY) tricks and retail insecticides. These often costly avenues aren’t curated for infestations. At best, there will be improvements for a short time. In addition, such items tend to be noxious. Independent efforts shouldn’t go beyond the following tasks: 

  • Get rid of decaying or rotten wood. 
  • Have leaks and moisture problems fixed immediately. 
  • Seal crevices in foundations, caulk, and utilities. 
  • Make sure all exterior doors have screens. 
  • Clean vents and gutters regularly.    
  • Flush vents and gutters on a routine basis.
  • Distance plants and wood from the property by two feet.    
  • Keep loose wood, like carpentry panels, off of the soil.
  • Trim grass and greenery often.

To supplement your efforts, reach out to us at Noble Pest Solutions. We have safe termite treatments that are industrial-grade. Our expert technicians will employ Liquid Termidor® or Sentricon® HD Termite Baiting Systems. Pre-construction options and warranties are available. Call us today for a free inspection! We can handle a termite colony on your Hendersonville property!

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