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Stink Bugs In Hendersonville: What Every Resident Should Know

September 17, 2021 - Stink Bugs

With a name like "stink bug", homeowners in Hendersonville should know these critters can’t be good to have around. Stink bugs, a native species in Asia, were accidentally introduced to the United States in the late ’90s. Since then they have taken over as one of the most damaging insects to crops and orchards in West Virginia. Protect your Hendersonville home with professional pest control from Noble Pest Solutions!

Stink bugs are greyish-brown in appearance, have shield-shaped bodies, six legs, antennae, and wings. Their ability to fly up to seventy miles in a day has helped them migrate across the United States since they were introduced here nearly twenty-five years ago. Stink bugs are aptly named for the odor that they release when threatened or killed. The smell is foul, similar to that of rotting meat or sulfur. Definitely not a smell you want in your home!

Seasonal Habits Of Stink Bugs In Hendersonville

During the summer months stink bugs often travel in large swarms. They survive off fruit and vegetable crops, often leaving entire crops and orchards destroyed in their wake. The devastation these stink bugs cause for farmers and residents can be expensive and stressful, not to mention making it hard to produce enough fruits and vegetables for consumers, driving up costs, and creating shortages.

When the weather starts to cool off in September, stink bugs typically migrate indoors. If you have noticed swarms of stink bugs on your property during the warm months be aware that they will eventually try to make their way into your home. Stink bugs will take up residency in walls, attics, and crawl spaces to wait out the winter months.

The Stinky Truth Behind Stink Bugs & How To Avoid Infestations In Your Home

While stink bugs do not bite or spread disease, they can be a major nuisance to have in your home. If you notice these bugs in your home you may be tempted to squash one. The smell they release will make you think twice about squashing another as you open your windows to air out the putrid odor.

The best way to avoid letting these bugs invade your home is to know how they gain access to your home and learn how to stop the problem before it starts. Here are some tips to keep stink bugs out of your home:

  • Check window and door screens for rips or tears. Replace screens immediately to keep stink bugs out.
  • Install weather stripping around doors and windows to ensure a proper seal.
  • Install caps on vents on the exterior of your home.
  • Keep vegetable and fruit gardens well away from the exterior of your home.
  • Check the exterior of your home for easy access points. Seal off any cracks or crevices around pipes and wires that come into your home with caulking. 
  • Call Noble Pest Solutions for assistance if you find yourself with a stink bug problem.

Noble Pest Solutions: The Best Defense Against Stink Bugs In Hendersonville

The best line of defense to combat a stink bug problem is to let the experts at Noble Pest Solutions take care of it for you. Our professional pest specialists know where to look for infestations in your home and the best ways to safely and effectively rid them from your home. Don’t waste your time and energy trying to do it yourself, call today and let us handle all your stink bug needs! We offer both residential pest control and commercial pest management solutions.

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