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Should I Be Worried About Ladybugs Around My Hendersonville Home?

October 15, 2022 - Ladybugs

Many people love ladybugs and consider them a symbol of good luck. From a young age, we are taught about this insect and see bright red ladybugs as harmless.

But what's the truth about ladybugs? Are they dangerous, and why do they infest homes? Keep reading to learn the facts you should know about ladybugs, plus find out how Hendersonville pest control and Noble Pest Control can help you with ladybugs and other critters around your property.

What Are Ladybugs?

Although we call them ladybugs, they are not true bugs. Instead, they are insects in the Coccinellidae family, which are small beetles. They are also known as ladybirds or lady beetles. While most people in the United States recognize the red ladybug, many different colored ladybugs exist.

You can see the ladybug colors on their forewings, which act as a hard cover to protect them. Interestingly, the bright colors of this insect are something they have adopted as a defense against predators. In nature, bright colors imply toxicity, warding off potential predators. 

Another interesting fact about ladybugs is that they go through complete metamorphosis, which means the ladybug lifecycle includes a larva and pupa stage:

  • After female ladybugs lay their eggs, they will hatch in three to ten days
  • Larvae enter the pupal stage in about a month
  • Finally develop into adults in about 15 days
  • An adult ladybug's lifespan is about a year

Female ladybugs can lay hundreds of eggs during their lifetime, usually reproducing in the spring and early summer. 

Do Ladybugs Bite People?

If you find ladybugs near plants or a garden, it may look like they are causing damage, when in reality, ladybugs are very beneficial because they prey on aphids and other plant-damaging pests. Adult ladybugs can feed on thousands of aphids, agricultural pests, and other soft-bodied insects throughout their life.

As predators, ladybugs have mouthparts that are capable of biting and chewing. However, their mouthparts are not strong enough to break through people's skin. Ladybugs are not harmful to people as they don't spread diseases but can cause some problems if pets ingest them. If you are experiencing an infestation in your home, it is best to keep your pets away.

Why Do I Have A Lot Of Ladybugs Around My Home?

While ladybugs benefit us regarding gardens and crops, they are not such a welcome sight inside homes.

Ladybugs will enter homes in the fall as they look for a warm place to overwinter. Unfortunately, they do this in large numbers, overwhelming and frustrating your household. Although they will continue to be beneficial by preying on insects inside, sharing your winter
ce with these ladies is not pleasant. Partner with pest control experts to determine how ladybugs enter your home; by discovering their entry points, you can effectively keep them in the future.

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ladybug Infestation?

If you are experiencing a ladybug infestation in your Hendersonville home, contact our experts at Noble Pest Solutions. Our residential pest control services can help keep your home and yard free of ladybugs. 

Our professionally trained technicians will provide you with a free inspection to get started and a pest-free guarantee for our quick and effective services. Give us a call at Noble Pest Solutions today for further information and learn how we can assist you with ladybugs and other pests!

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