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Reduce Crawlspace Moisture In Your Hendersonville Home

January 29, 2020 - Moisture Control

Did you realize up to 40% of the air your home comes from your crawlspace? Creating a conditioned space or sealed crawlspace would help not just the air quality in your home, but also prevent mold and fungus from taking over your crawlspace. Your home is designed to breathe air from the crawlspace, and release the air through your attic and roof vents. The air is pulled into the crawlspace from a natural vacuum and released through open windows or the attic as warm air rises.

HVAC systems also pull air from your crawlspace and spread the air into the living space of your home, spreading hundreds – if not thousands – of mold spores and dust particles throughout your home. This also creates a vacuum effect pushing the air out through open windows and attic vents.

Seasonal Condensation

Do you remember building terrariums in school? Funny enough, seasonal condensation in your crawlspace is the exact same concept: you have wet soil and cover it; the moisture from the soil rises to the floor joist and creates the “rain effect”. The floor joist and insulation absorb the moisture, causing mold, mildew, and fungus.

Water will always travel the path of least resistance, heavy rains, faulty gutters, incorrect grade, and cracks in your foundation will allow water into your crawlspace; this must be addressed by installing an interior foundation drain system with a sump pump. If this goes unnoticed or unaddressed, it will lead to costly structural repairs, foundation repairs, and an unhealthy home.

The Noble Pest Solution

Noble Pest Solutions will remove your old insulation and treat your floor system to kill mold and fungus growth. Next, we will install a new 20 mil reinforced liner at 100% soil coverage, seal the foundation wall with a 8 mil reinforced liner, and tape the seams at the soil liner. All foundation vents will be sealed, and a new dehumidifier with a condensate pump will be installed. The humidity in your crawlspace will be monitored and adjusted with the dehumidifier to maintain 30-50% humidity levels. Finally, we will install new encapsulated floor insulation to complete your healthy crawlspace. The end result will keep the moist air outside, and keep the air inside your home healthy.

Remember: 40% of the air you breathe comes from your crawlspace; you want to breathe healthy air, right? If so, reach out to the Hendersonville moisture control experts here at Noble Pest Solutions to schedule immediate services for your Hendersonville home.

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