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How Bad Are The Carpenter Bees In Hendersonville?

April 15, 2021 - Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees extend from between ¼ of an inch to one inch in size and that is generally a shiny black and yellow color. They are often seen around areas such as overhanging roofs, decks, patios, and other outdoor areas. They tend to be solitary, do not form large colonies, and are rarely seen in swarms. Carpenter bees can present a danger to property, and to a much lesser extent, humans.

Similarity To Bumblebees

Carpenter bees are often mistaken for bumblebees because of their colors. Bumblebees differ in that they have hair that covers the body, and some species of carpenter bee do not have much of any yellow color.

Are They Dangerous?

Females can sting when they feel threatened, while males are incapable of stinging, yet tend to be aggressive. Some people with allergies may potentially need medical attention if they are stung. As the name implies, carpenter bees may burrow into stairs and handrails enough to weaken them and potentially cause an injury.

Potential For Attracting Woodpeckers

Carpenter bees often create nests by tunneling in trees or man-made structures constructed of softer wood. These nests also sometimes attract woodpeckers, which will feed on the eggs and larvae of the bees and are also capable of causing damage to wood.

Signs Of A Potential Infestation

In many cases, a property owner will notice these pests in the spring months of April or May. Although they do not consume wood, they use their teeth to penetrate inside and it is possible to hear them. The burrowing may be several inches deep and will often result in accumulations of sawdust. Often the entrance to a tunnel being used as a nest will measure about ½ of an inch wide.

The offspring hatch from eggs and are most commonly seen during the later part of the summer. You are unlikely to see carpenter bees in the winter months, as they will remain in a nesting area.  Carpenter bees may come back to the same nest that is created during the following year.

Best Tips For Preventing Them

There are various ways to deter carpenter bees including:

  • Using a thin piece of metal to cover the ends of wooden beams used in decks, patios, or children’s play structures
  • Painting, varnishing or staining wood
  • Removing dead trees, stumps, and branches from the yard area close to a structure
  • Checking all exterior wooden surfaces for any openings and fill those openings with a durable caulk or sealant

Responding To The Presence Of Carpenter Bees

Many people who initially notice the carpenter bees will mistake them for bumblebees and underestimate the potential problems that can create. Others will attempt to eradicate the problem themselves by purchasing traps, foaming aerosol products, and others that are largely ineffective. 

Most of these options are unable to effectively reach the core of the nest that may extend as far as a foot inside a wooden tunnel. It is critical to speak with a licensed expert to quickly and safely eliminate these pests.

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