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Fall & Winter Pests In Hendersonville

January 29, 2020 - Winter Pests

Fall has finally showed up in Hendersonville, and it's time for pests to start seeking shelter indoors; for example, how many stink bugs have you seen lately? Better yet, have you seen a mouse inside? At this point, you may be overrun with stink bugs, and you may or may not have seen a mouse, but make no mistake – they are there. Most people assume that, because it's getting cooler, there is no need for pest control; in fact, it's quite the opposite. This is prime invading season. Pests are looking to escape the cooler temperatures, and your home is the perfect environment for them.

Listed below are five of the most common overwintering pests we encounter here in Hendersonville:

Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs

The life cycle of stink bugs is between 6-8 months; however, they can lay up 400 eggs in that short time. Control of these overwintering pests can be achieved by dusting attics, treating around windows and entryways. Additionally, you can prevent entry into your home with exterior caulking, screening gable vents, and screening vent pipes.

Asian Lady Bug

The entire life cycle of the Asian lady beetle is approximately one month long. After females lay eggs, they hatch within five days, and the larvae feed for two weeks on large numbers of aphids, scale insects, and other insects. Asian lady bugs will swarm once the first frost hits on the sunny side of your home; at that point, they will find a warm spot in which to overwinter – usually behind insulation. Control is similar to that of the stink bug: proper caulking and a regular pest treatment will help reduce the numbers indoors.


Field mice have a lifespan ranging from 1 to 2 1/2 years. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a mouse-proof home. To help prevent these rodents from invading, we recommend proper door weatherstrips with monitoring devices at garage doors, as well as placing exterior bait stations on the exterior of your home.


Newly created queens hibernate through the winter and start the life cycle again the following spring. Just like the stink bug and lady bug, proper treatment and caulking will help prevent these stinging insects from overwintering in your home and attic.


Unfortunately, your home is the perfect place for snakes to hibernate in; most of us keep our homes a nice and cozy 70+ degrees, and they love it. Crawlspace doors, vents and pipe exit points should be inspected for gaps and holes, and gable vents should be properly screened to prevent entry.

Get These Pests Out Of Your Hendersonville Home!

The point is, professional home pest control is needed year round in Hendersonville to help prevent these pests, as well as many others, from entering your home during the cool months. Overwintering pests can become quite the nuisance and infest your home without you knowing it. To help prevent your home from becoming a winter hangout for these unwanted guests, give us a call today and request your free, no-obligation inspection!

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