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Are Ants Around My Asheville Home Dangerous?

May 15, 2020 - Ants

We have several ant species that become a problem for Asheville residents. How dangerous an ant infestation will be depends on the type of ants. Today, we're going to highlight a few of them and discuss the threats they may present to your health and property.

Nuisance Ants

Most ants fall into the category of nuisance ants. When they get in, they're unpleasant to deal with. They appear on your kitchen counter and around your faucets. They make superhighways across the threshold from your kitchen to your living room. They climb all over your couch. There are many locations nuisance ants can show up. When they do, they're mostly just an irritation. Which ants do this? All of them.

Mechanical Vectors

Most of the places that ants congregate will not cause them to become contaminated. But ants can be drawn to areas that have harmful microscopic organisms. They may explore rotting juices that leaked out of a trash bag that was sitting next to the front door. They may crawl all over a rotting apple that was dropped by a child behind the couch. They may feed on a dead animal next to the foundation of your home or inside your wall voids. These, and many other things, can contaminate ants and make them a mechanical vector for stomach illness and food poisoning. If ants were in any of these dirty places before they got into your pantry or kitchen cabinets, they can make you ill. All ants can be a mechanical vector.


In our service area, we have one pest ant that can present a direct threat to health. It is the fire ant. These ants grip with their mouth parts and deliver a venomous sting. Most of the time, what we call fire ant bites don't amount to much more than an itchy red welt. But there are situations when fire ants can present a more serious threat.

  • Fire ants present more of a threat to:
  • Babies
  • Elderly people
  • The Infirm
  • Those who have an allergy

Note: If you or someone you love are allergic to the venom of fire ants, one bite can lead to a hospital visit.


We have one ant that is considered to be the greatest threat for the spread of harmful organisms and human pathogens. It is called a pharaoh ant. As the name implies, these ants can be a plague. Why are they worse than other ants? Pharaoh ants feed on the open wounds of livestock, pets, and wildlife. When they get into nursing homes and hospitals, they spread infections between patients.

Property Damage

Many of the ant species that get into our homes will go back outside once they've acquired the food they came in to collect. Some species will create nests inside the voids of a home and make themselves more of a nuisance. None of these ants will damage your home. They take advantage of openings that already exist. But carpenter ants aren't content to just live in voids. They chew tunnels in wood to establish their nests. They begin by attacking wood that is decaying but are known to move on to sound wood as they grow their populations. In the United States, carpenter ants cost property owners hundreds of millions of dollars annually. While they won't destroy your home overnight, they can do a lot of damage over time, weakening the structure. It is best to deal with these ants immediately.

Ant Control

When ants appear, remember that the pest professionals at Noble Pest Solutions are standing by to help you get control of them. Connect with us today and schedule service. We're here to help.